Insulin resistance measurements in the palm of your hand


Meet the Kazelnut Handheld Device

We are building the first handheld device to measure insulin resistance. Join our waitlist to stay up to date.

Track your status with our mobile app

Kazelnut's coaching app integrates your test results to provide a clear picture of your current metabolism, your progress and how to further improve your metabolic health.

Our home-based testing kit includes a simple, self-administered blood collection device that enables you to measure insulin resistance from the comfort of your own home. Results are accurately and quickly obtained using electrochemical biosensor.

Simple, fast, reliable.

Our testing platform provides valuable information about your metabolism and wellness.



Take a blood sample regularly, from the convenience of your own home, on a monthly or quarterly basis with the device we provide.



We analyze your test results and send a report to the Kazelnut app.



Improve your insulin sensitivity with the help of our wellness coaches, scientists and community.

Detailed, personalized analysis
Learn more about your metabolism on the Kazelnut app with personalized test results and curated content relevant to your level of insulin resistance.

We draw our strength from science

Our approach to comprehensive metabolic testing and coaching is rooted in the latest metabolism research.

Insulin resistance is a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to insulin and can greatly affect quality of life. It is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide, and if not corrected, can increase the incidence of complex, chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Learn how to measure your insulin resistance at home and optimize your unique metabolism.

Discover Our Insulin Resistance Test

Handheld Device FAQs

What is unique about Kazelnut's device?

Kazelnut is the only company that offers fast, convenient at-home insulin resistance testing based on blood glucose and insulin measurements.  Other insulin resistance tests require blood samples to be sent back to a lab for analysis.  Our device will allow you to check blood glucose and insulin resistance anytime, anywhere.

How will I use the device?

Our device will measure insulin resistance from a blood droplet.  The blood droplet will be collected on a test strip via finger stick and inserted into the device.  The device will measure insulin resistance and send results to the app, which will provide more insight on your metabolism.

Why do I need an insulin resistance measurement device at home?

At-home testing makes regular insulin resistance measurement easier and more convenient than scheduling blood draws with a laboratory or mobile phlebotomist. Additionally, you receive testing results right away. Regular insulin resistance testing is necessary to monitor your progress over time and keep your metabolism goals on track.

Are Kazelnut measurements scientific?

Everything we do at Kazelnut is driven by science. Learn more about the science behind our comprehensive metabolic testing and coaching program here.

How do we measure insulin resistance?

Our device will use ultra-sensitive point-of-care biosensor technology to measure blood glucose and insulin levels and calculate insulin resistance.  It will quantify biological and chemical reactions by generating signals proportional to the concentrations of glucose and insulin in the sample.

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